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How To Clean A Microfiber Couch/Sofa


When we bought our Microfiber couch two years ago I figured it was the first new couch I’d ever had as an adult. I was so excited by the purchase that I never stopped to think about my kids destroying it. So, here we are two years later and it was starting to look (and smell!) not so new. When I found this tip on Pinterest I HAD to try it. My results were not nearly as noticeable as the results from Pinterest but there’s a couple reasons for that . 1. My couch is only two years old 2. It isn’t as light of a color 3. I don’t have pets (the Pinterest link photos involve dogs). Needless to say, I noticed a difference in the look of my couch and the smell! It really neutralized the odors.

This one you could easily already own the needed materials. A vacuum, spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, a white sponge and a white scrub brush. Note: They should be white in order to insure that no color bleeding occurs.

1. Fill the spray bottle with rubbing alcohol.
2. Vacuum the couch to rid it of all loose particles.
3. Work I’m sections spraying an area with the rubbing alcohol and then using the sponge to clean it. I worked in a circular motion and it worked well and actually rather quickly.
4. Let it dry and then if your material is stiff once dry use the scrub brush to loosen it up again.

Before Picture:


After Picture:


Gross, but here’s the proof it worked:


No, the sofa doesn’t smell like rubbing alcohol. It really neutralized the odors in the couch. It also got rid of a two month old formula stain.


Homemade Shout Stain Fighter


I’m really into homemade cleaning products lately. Anything that saves money, is easy to make and involves mainly stuff I have on hand is where I’m at. So, when I found this homemade Shout stain remover recipe on Pinterest, I HAD to try it. Especially when I realized I keep everything on hand except Ammonia and I can pick that up for $1 at the grocery store.


Homemade Shout

2/3c. Dish Soap
2/3c. Ammonia
6TB. Baking Soda
2c. Warm Water

Mix well, add to spray bottle. Shake bottle if solution has been sitting for awhile. Use as normal shout would be used but I’d suggest rubbing the sprayed area together.

I’ve tried it on three items so far: one with dried formula puke, one with markers and one with what appeared to be blue ink. All three were gone without rubbing but I’d suggest it for more set in stains.