I’m Audra. A California transplant living in the Midwest. Of course, by living I mean from April-October. The rest of the time I’m in hibernation mode.

I’m a wife to an insanely patient guy. We met online and after five face-to-face meetings, we got married. He’s puts up with me because I make a mean snicker doodle. Mom to three girls. Rory is our fascist dictator. Rules with an iron fist, that one. Molly is the happy-go-lucky toddler with a heart of gold and love of all things involving TV and chips. Norah rounds out the household as the quiet, observant one that tends to look at us all with questions of how we even dress ourselves each day. It’s a legit train of thought around here.

I work full time in the social services realm. Easily my fourth baby.

I believe motherhood should be a community, not a country club. Parenthood is riding a rollercoaster intoxicated and never being able to get off.

I love tea, books, baseball and my Irish heritage.


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