Candyland Birthday Party


I absolutely LOVE planning parties. Seriously, I do it to relax and have some “me” time scouring Pinterest for ideas. I thought I’d go back and show you Rory’s three birthday parties. This one, was actually in a life pre-Pinterest (how we functioned back then is beyond me)! I decided before I was even pregnant with Rory that her first birthday party was going to be a Candyland themed party. I LOVED that game as a kid and since all parents force things they love/loved onto their children it was a no-brainer. We had it at a local park in the middle of August (btw the Midwest, middle of August was a HORRIBLE idea). So here’s her first birthday in pictures:



The invitation. I have this weird obsession with invitations. To me they signify the whole event, so you want one that makes people want to be there. I fell in love with this one I bought on Etsy and printed via Snapfish. Cute and pretty reasonably priced.



The cake. I decorated it obviously to look like the Candyland gameboard. My favorite part are the actual Candyland playing pieces on it.


Another view of the cake.

The candy buffet. You can NEVER go wrong with a candy buffet. We had blow pops, smarties, gummy bears, gum balls, tootsie rolls, lemon drops, candy necklaces and old fashion candy sticks. Everyone got a Chinese takeout box to fill with their favs.


We had to have a Candyland themed bounce house.


Rory LOVED it. As did all the other kids.

Can’t have a first birthday without a smash cake.Image

Instead of gifts we asked for everyone to bring a donation of new school supplies to donate to foster care kids that otherwise won’t have supplies. I was floored by how much stuff we were able to donate. Rory still got way too many gifts, but it’s nice to know that the bulk of it went to less fortunate kids.

This is how she was the rest of that day. Passed out on the wood floor.

High praise from our girl!


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